Regulatory Reporting for Water Utilities on SAP®

Water and wastewater utilities reporting as Class A under NARUC chart of accounts must adopt a uniform system of accounts. Functional reporting for source of supply, treatment, pumping, waste recovery, transmission, distribution, customer accounts, and A&G are required for operation and maintenance. Labor expenses must include payroll taxes and benefits allocated to each of these areas. Separation is required for construction labor to be capitalized.

How We Support Water and Wastewater Utilities

With HPC Utility Financials Accelerator (UFA) , your water and wastewater departments can use SAP fully confident that all accounts will be translated to meet or exceed Class A requirements.

Separating T&D and water treatment is made simple with UFA’s advanced translation tools for easy closings and robust financial reporting. What’s more, if you also have a wastewater utility combined with water, UFA easily separates the utilities to show separate functional accounts for collection, pumping, disposal and reclaim accounts—even if you share labor resources between water and wastewater.