Fleet Management for Companies on SAP®

From streamlined preventive maintenance to easily accessible sustainability metrics, HPC fleet management for SAP puts all of your vehicle data a keystroke away.

Fleet managers at utilities on SAP face diverse challenges these days, as their needs are not always met by the ERP’s configuration. Preventative maintenance schedules often exist outside of SAP, requiring duplicate data entry and subsequent reconciliation problems. Fuel costs are rarely allocated by vehicle, making true costs impossible to calculate. And that, in turn, prevents fleet rental prices from reflecting their actual cost of service.

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The HPC America fleet management configuration template addresses all of these concerns, and more. It covers per-vehicle maintenance costs and schedules with a single point of entry, thereby improving operational efficiency and delivering valuable business intelligence. We achieve this by combining SAP Enterprise Asset Management and Fleet Management with external fuel consumption and mileage data from services such as Voyager and Wright Express. Download the data sheet (PDF).

SAP Fleet Management Screenshots

How it Works

HPC provides proven configuration settings of standard SAP functionality, refined to suit your fleet’s particular requirements, plus our custom import program that integrates your ERP even more tightly with third-party fuel monitoring services. The resulting package enables you to:

  • Access common SAP fleet management functions from a dedicatedHPC Fleet Management dashboard tailored for fleet managers and technicians
  • Schedule preventive maintenance for all units in your fleet within SAP
  • Manage fuel consumption with gas station data integration
  • Record all costs of internal labor and external services with full integration into SAP Financials
  • Enter data only once, minimizing clerical work and the chance of errors
  • Store important fleet paperwork for easy online access
  • Download the data sheet (PDF)
  • Request our Best Practices for SAP Fleet Accounting

We leverage standard SAP functionality for fleet objects, profiling each unit with measurement points such as miles, gallons, or hours. Each fleet unit also has a fuel card that employees use with their own unique PINs to record odometer readings at fueling stations.

Consumption and mileage data are then uploaded to SAP, triggering maintenance work orders and calculating your specified metrics for sustainability scorecards, such as miles per gallon, cost per mile, and emissions. Last, the Document Management System (DMS) stores all of the paperwork associated with each fleet unit, including pink slips, registration, permits, warranties, and photographs.

Maintenance plans for each fleet unit provide your mechanics with an easy system for staying on top of all necessary work. We establish and assign maintenance plans for each type of vehicle, including detailed to-do lists. When an order is triggered by time or distance, the mechanic confirms the work as it’s completed. That history is stored in SAP for future reference and review.

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