HPC Real-Time FERC Solution for the SAP® New GL

Line item-based regulatory reporting for utilities on SAP®

The HPC Real-Time FERC Solution (RTFS) HPC-RTFS-300wfor the SAP New GL is the latest evolution of HPC America’s ground-breaking work in regulatory accounting solutions for utilities on SAP ECC 6.0. RTFS enables utilities running the New GL to generate real-time regulatory reporting data without using the “classic” FERC module, which HPC had originally developed for PG&E and then sold to SAP in the mid-nineties.


The HPC Real-Time FERC Solution leverages standard functionality in the New GL, as well as tools that HPC developed for our Utility Financials Accelerator application, which is certified by SAP as powered by the NetWeaver® technology platform.

HPC RTFS is available to utilities already running the New GL, or in the process of implementing it. For utilities that have been on the classic GL and are evaluating the New GL, RTFS could be combined with HPC’s New GL Migration Prototype Service as an interim step to building the business case for GL migration and/or retirement of the FERC module.

Key Benefits and Customer Case Study

  • Immediate access to FERC data anytime during the month, WE Case Studywithout having to run the FERC module
  • Reduced workload due to no required manual processes to update FERC accounts
  • Faster monthly close by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone trace processes
  • “One version of the truth” between natural and FERC accounts

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