HPC Optimization for Nuclear Facilities on SAP®

HPC America provides services and solutions for nuclear facilities on the SAP ERP. While the typical consultant stops after making recommendations, our techno-functional experts have the right skills and experience to manage SAP projects from conception though implementation and ongoing support.

We’re able to provide nuclear facilities with such comprehensive service Nuclear Facility Optimization Data Sheetfor three primary reasons. We have worked with nuclear plants for many years, and understand the business processes that are critical to successful operations. Our SAP Solution Architects and ABAP Developers are all highly experienced, with at least 15 years each of hands-on SAP experience. And our team communicates with yours in plain English, focusing on functionality instead of technology.

Real World Results

One of HPC America’s customers in the nuclear power industry faced daily headaches from printing critical documents with the stock SAP forms (SAPScript). The inherent limitations of that tool for formatting, processing, and development finally became too much to bear, and the customer asked HPC to develop a better solution.

HPC’s Senior Solutions Architect solved the problem with coded custom print layouts using Smartforms for key Plant Maintenance (PM) documents, including orders, maintenance plans, and notifications. These layouts allow advanced formatting enhancements that we take for granted in everyday word processing applications—such as indenting, bulleting, and macros to insert predefined text—but that are simply not possible with out-of-the-box SAPScript forms.

As a result of our work, HPC’s customer was able to achieve a number of important benefits, including more efficient document creation, formatting, and management; increased readability with fewer errors; and more consistent presentation within and across departments. In addition, the customer is now better able to comply with its regulator’s documentation requirements, such as no orphaned signature lines; the Smartforms that HPC created prevent unwanted line breaks, and enable the utility to print important documents correctly the first time around.

Benefits for Nuclear Facilities

  • Proven process from assessment through go-live. HPC’s team is comprised of utility industry experts who also know SAP intimately. By combining our personal experience working with nuclear facilities and our extensive ABAP development skills, we’re able to simplify and automate processes that are complex, manual, and time intensive.
  • Easier compliance with regulations. For nuclear facilities on SAP, strict compliance to Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements can be challenging when trying to develop printed output from SAP. We eliminate this difficulty by producing NRC-compliant shop papers from SAP using Smartforms and our own advanced, custom embedded code. We have proven expertise in making shop paper outputs conform to any plant requirements, such as signatures, page breaks, and separation for tasks.
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications. HPC America’s integration services connect SAP seamlessly with popular third-party applications, to aid work management functionality for generation, transmission and distribution, and customer care and services. Some of our work has involved integrating SAP with Primavera for project scheduling, Ventyx eSOMS for plant operations, and BEA infrastructure software.
  • Greater cost efficiencies. We can help make your operations more efficient in many ways, by automating traditionally complex, manual processes, simplifying the end-user experience, enhancing workflow and communication, and reducing the complexity of important business processes. From Supply Chain to Work Management and Work Orders, HPC’s nuclear facility consultants can transform half-day procedures into simple tasks that run over a coffee break.
  • Enhanced procurement and supply chain management. Our procurement and supply chain management knowledge for nuclear facilities is legendary. We’ve helped clients configure SAP to prepare for major refueling outages by leveraging the planning tools in SAP SCM. Our Nuclear Analytics module provides real-time reporting in ERP to keep plant managers informed every minute during a planned outage. There’s no waiting for business intelligence reporting that could result in the loss of precious time; we make information both timely and pervasive, so that you stay informed.

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