HPC Journal Entry Transfer Solution (JETS)

Fast, High-Integrity Cost Object Adjustments Directly in SAP®

HPC JETS Cost Adjustment Solution

Even in the most disciplined of organizations, corrections and changes to SAP cost objects are inevitable. Employees inadvertently charge to the wrong order number; project managers need to move labor from one cost center to another; or expense orders occasionally must be recategorized as Capital instead of O&M.

Making such changes sometimes only means a single, spot correction. At other times, however, there may be months of transactions to be adjusted, a scenario in which simply identifying all of the targeted charges is a major administrative undertaking that burdens staff in multiple departments.

Lump-Sum Journal Entries Are Not a Solution

The typical solution is ultimately a lump sum journal entry by the accounting department, which sacrifices detail for expedience. Auditing the full trail of charges from inception to correction is then difficult, if not impossible. And analysis of operations suffers because what were once transparent, granular transactions loaded with business intelligence become generic bookkeeping dollars with no indication of who did what, when, and why.

SAP Cost Adjustments the Easy Way: HPC JETS v2.0

The HPC Journal Entry Transfer Solution (JETS) eliminates all of the shortcomingsthumbnail-JETS of basic, corrective journal entries, to the advantage of project managers, accountants, business analysts, and other stakeholders in your organization. It’s a set of ABAP code that enables authorized SAP users to move designated transactions from one order or cost center to another, automatically generating fully auditable documentation of the adjustment. Any object can be adjusted, including internal orders, plant maintenance orders, cost centers, profit centers, grants, WBS elements, and networks. Watch a video demo of HPC JETS v2, which provides control over both primary and secondary costs.

How JETS Works

HPC JETS simplifies today’s labor-intensive order correction process by seamlessly integrating the order research and adjustment steps into a single graphical interface.

search-smallBased on your specified search criteria, HPC JETS retrieves all relevant transactions from the range of months or years you select.


document-smallOnce you mark the transactions or cost elements to be moved to a different order or cost center, it creates a parked document for each original document via a standard SAP function module.


credit-smallUpon formal approval, the original order or cost center is credited or debited, and the new order or cost center is debited or credited–including the original supporting details in the doc header or line item text.


folders-smallThrough this process, HPC JETS creates separate documents for each reporting period, not just an aggregate report spanning multiple periods that’s difficult to audit.


HPC JETS is available as licensed software implemented by HPC America’s team of senior SAP consultants. We complete the standard installation within two weeks, so you can be up and running quickly. Download the HPC JETS data sheet and watch a video demo of JETS v2.

More Powerful than CO Repost, with No Excel Manipulation

While the standard CO repost functionality delivered with ECC 6.0 allows for cost adjustments, it does not update the General Ledger, keep track of your original line item charges or copy their text descriptions, or correct balance sheet accounts. HPC JETS can do all of this automatically.

Likewise, homegrown and third party solutions fall short if they require you to download your SAP records, manipulate the data in Excel, and then re-upload it to SAP. In contrast, HPC JETS is a NetWeaver-based solution that retains all of your records and processes in your ERP.

Contact Us for a Demonstration

To see how HPC JETS will delight your accounting department and business owners, please contact us online or call (925) 831-4765 for a product demonstration. Download the HPC JETS data sheet.