Benefits of Utility Financials Accelerator

HPC Utility Financials Accelerator delivers numerous benefits for utility companies that maintain SAP environments. Contact us for a demonstration.

Key Benefits

UFA Data Sheet

  • Facilitates a more accurate trace each month by vastly reducing trace errors
  • Enables a faster month-end closing cycle
  • Eliminates reconciling differences between FI, CO, and FERC to deliver one version of the truth between natural and regulatory views of the business
  • Decreases the risk of FERC, RUS, NARUC, and other regulatory agency audit failures by accommodating all chart of account numbering ranges required by external regulators
  • Strengthens rate case positions and improves responsiveness to regulatory inquiries
  • Streamlines and automates natural account translation with powerful table maintenance ABAPs
  • Enables easy and controlled cost allocations (post-CO allocations) while maintaining compliance through financial, accounting, and regulatory views
  • Delivers a cost effective way to comply with regulators without adding accounting staff and/or IT staff
  • Enables current staff to work more efficiently by reducing or eliminating manual work and homegrown solutions in Microsoft Excel
  • Leverages the SAP infrastructure and training in which you’ve already invested

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To learn more about optimizing SAP FERC with HPC Utility Financials Accelerator, please contact us online or call (925) 831-4765.