HPC Utility Financials Accelerator (UFA)

Optimized, derivation-based regulatory accounting for modern utilities on SAP®

HPC Utility Financials Accelerator (UFA) is regulatory reporting software for SAP-enabled utilities. For utility companies running SAP, HPC UFA delivers the data required by regulators faster and more accurately than SAP alone by addressing all of the inherent limitations of the original “FERC module.”

Thinking about HANA? Get the FAQ about FERC Reporting on SAP S/4HANA.

Fortune 500 Multi-State Utility uses HPC UFA and HPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF) to implement a CO-centric cost model that delivers one version of the truth between FI, CO, and FERC. Contact us to learn more.

Regional Utility streamlined its 2016 rate case prep with HPC UFA, and implemented a new fixed overhead design for greater labor cost transparency. Read the complete case study.

UFA Data SheetUFA is written in SAP’s native ABAP language and is certified by SAP as powered by the NetWeaver technology platform. UFA integrates seamlessly with the SAP IS-U/FERC module, which HPC America originally created in the mid-nineties. It provides a highly intuitive, interactive experience that benefits many stakeholders in public and private utilities, including finance, IT, and field operations. Utilities that adopt Utility Financials Accelerator enjoy many features and benefits.

Utilities with complex or long cost flows also benefit from HPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF) software  and the HPC Cost Flow Streamlining service.

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