HPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF)

Total visibility into complex cost flows—to the penny

HPC Cost Flow ForensicsHPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF) is software for utility companies on SAP that provides total visibility into lengthy or complex cost flows. It enables Rates and Finance professionals to identify the dollars and descriptions associated with every single cost object by FERC account, even those typically obscured from view in between the final (receiver) and source (sender) objects. As a result, HPC CFF improves responsiveness to regulatory inquiries and reduces audit risk, with zero disruption to current operations practices. Learn more about how HPC CFF works and get the HPC CFF data sheet (.pdf).

  • Easy-to-use interactive “trace back” functionality presents dollars and percentages for every cost object, from final receiver to original sender
  • Smart ALV grid tools enable sorting and filtering data inside SAP
  • Excel integration facilitates analysis outside SAP
  • Utilizes standard SAP security and roles

  • Provides visibility into every single cost object by FERC account
  • Reconciles FI, CO, and FERC via the modern CO-centric cost model
  • Improves response time and accuracy to regulatory inquiries
  • Reduces audit risk and eliminates “fudging” answers to questions around costs
  • Strengthens rate case positions by providing highly defensible data
  • Presents the freshest data by rendering results at run-time
  • Enables Business users to work independently
  • Short learning curve for CO users
  • Low impact on IT once implemented

Specifications and Requirements

HPC CFF is an ABAP-based solution for SAP ECC 6.0. HPC CFF Data SheetIt requires the use of the SAP IS-U/FERC (Regulatory Reporting) Module, as well as a “CO-centric” cost model and HPC Utility Financials Accelerator (UFA), which is certified by SAP as powered by the NetWeaver technology platform. HPC CFF integrates seamlessly with the FERC module and HPC UFA to provide the granular cost flow playback required to understand and explain lengthy or complex cost flows—both internally to management, and externally to regulators. Learn more about how HPC Cost Flow Forensics works and get the HPC CFF data sheet.

Intended Users: Utilities on SAP with Complex Cost Flows

Utility companies with long, complex cost flow models benefit the most from HPC CFF. These are often larger organizations that have been on SAP for a decade or more, or those that have grown through acquisition of different utilities with distinct cost flow models. Multi-jurisdictional utilities that are particularly sensitive to cross-subsidization issues also see significant risk reduction through the transparency that HPC CFF delivers. Learn more about how HPC Cost Flow Forensics works and get the HPC CFF data sheet.