SAP® New GL Rapid Prototyping

How will the SAP New General Ledger impact your financials?

Find out before committing to a costly, time-consuming migration through HPC’s exclusive prototyping methodology and regulatory reporting solution.

The HPC Rapid Prototype Service is a fixed-price consultation that simulates the SAP New General Ledger. It shows how migration will affect your natural and regulatory accounts by modeling your existing FERC configuration. The Rapid Prototype Service is based on HPC America’s 15+ years of experience with utilities, and our software solution HPC Utility Financials Accelerator, certified by SAP as powered by the NetWeaver® technology platform. It’s cost effective, efficient, and utterly transparent. For utilities seriously considering migration, there is no better way to make an informed decision about the New GL.

Customer Case Study: As a precursor to We Energies’ migration WE Case Studyto the SAP New General Ledger, HPC America was engaged to develop our Real-Time FERC solution for the New GL at the Wisconsin utility. As a result of our groundbreaking work, We Energies has the confidence to move foward with its New GL migration and eliminate the classic FERC module—all while gaining improved SAP regulatory and management reporting, immediate access to FERC data, and the promise of a much faster monthly close. Read the full case study.

Why Recast Your Data Before Migration?

There is no question that the SAP New GL offers meaningful benefits for utilities. It can dramatically shorten the processing of month-end allocations; provide access to FERC data in real time; and enable document splitting for companies desiring segment reporting or considering IFRS adoption.

The New GL also offers unprecedented flexibility that raises a serious question: do you retain the traditional FERC module with a separate chart of accounts, or use the New GL’s extended functional areas to capture FERC accounts in real time?

To aid your decision, our Rapid Prototype Service HPC Prototype Service for SAP New GLrecasts two years of your FERC data to illustrate how it will look when comparing the trace to transaction-based FERC accounting using the New GL.

By prototyping the New General Ledger in this way, you’ll be able to validate how the real-time FERC solution will impact your financials prior to a significant investment in design, testing, and change management. This approach is ideal for utilities that want high visibility into future scenarios, and fast, actionable results. Download the data sheet.

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