SAP Application Management Services for Utilities

Until recently, only large, investor-owned utilities utilized SAP. Within these organizations, projects typically spanned one to two years for back office applications such as procure-to-pay and order-to-cash business processes. Successful implementations required dozens of consultants and internal team members to evaluate needs, establish requirements, and coordinate disparate departments.

During the last few years, SAP has become far more accessible and appropriate for growing utility companies with less complex structures. Unfortunately, most SAP consultants simply apply a traditional large-enterprise implementation methodology to these new clients. Such an approach increases the time and expense of implementation beyond what is necessary or beneficial, without actually delivering better results.

HPC America offers a “right-sized” ASAP implementation methodology and hosted application service for mid-sized utilities that accelerates schedules, reduces costs, and delivers SAP applications that work better for clients’ real-world needs. We tailor these Application Management Services (AMS) to a broad range of installations and support requirements, from periodic assistance to comprehensive coverage, and also offer secure hosting services for utilities that prefer to outsource the hardware management and database administration functions.

Three Options for AMS, Plus Hosting Solutions

Our Application Management Services are comprised of three different support programs. Based on your particular needs, we’ll customize these reference programs to suit your unique environment, available resources, and business goals.

  • Gold Program. For utilities that desire the benefits offered by SAP without the traditional associated infrastructure and employee commitments, our Gold Program provides an on-site HPC consultant backed up by additional remote resources. We provide robust functional support and strategic planning, integration with legacy applications, and customer enhancements, in addition to ongoing technical assistance and a 24/7 Help Desk. You benefit from our SAP experts with deep utility experience at a fraction of the cost of building your own internal team.
  • Silver Program. If your internal SAP team needs assistance with advanced ABAP programming, integration to legacy applications and reporting our Silver Program will provide the necessary technical support. It provides regular remote troubleshooting and quarterly on-site consultation, and is also well suited to configuration and testing of new SAP installations. Clients selecting this program already have subject matter experts (SMEs) in-house, but lack the technical know-how to transform new ideas for enhancements into business add-ins (for example, a BADI in which new ABAP code is needed to achieve the desired functionality). In addition, if a new SAP module is needed, we will bring in the right consultants to supplement your internal SME team to implement configuration settings, test business processes, and train internal users for the new functional release of SAP.
  • Bronze Program. Some utilities simply want to back up their own SAP resources with periodic outside assistance. Our Bronze Program provides that peace of mind, with blocks of pre-paid support for ongoing maintenance and break/fix help. We also offer optional, project-based consulting on functional customization and strategic initiatives.
  • Application Hosting. Managing your own SAP servers either internally or at a collocation facility requires time and technical expertise that some budgets just don’t allow. Our SAP hosting solutions eliminate that obstacle: we manage your licensed SAP applications, and our long-term hosting partner covers all of the necessary IT support for your designated machines, including production back-ups, disk mirroring, failover, disaster recovery, change management, database administration, SAP Early Watch, virtual private network (VPN) administration, and more. You don’t have to worry about hardware, transports into production, batch job processing, security roles, and all of the other obligations of traditional Basis administration. We oversee everything on your behalf so that you can focus on managing the business of a utility.

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