Utility Regulatory Agencies

The SAP ERP is a great tool to manage your business. But financial reporting for utilities can still be challenging for SAP-enabled utilities unless it is given as much attention as is usually afforded to work management. As a result, meeting the expectations of regulators from FERC, RUS, and NARUC is often more difficult than you expected.

Regulatory Challenges You May Face

We don’t know any utility executives who actually look forward to filing FERC Form 1 or 2, RUS Form 7 or 12, or NARUC’s water/wastewater reports. And rate case filings, in which you need functional accounts for generation, transmission, distribution, and customer accounts, can also be tough. The timely and accurate filing of these critical documents requires a level of financial reporting detail that goes beyond what most utilities have within easy reach, let alone can extract from their systems.

How We Help You Stay In Compliance

During the last 15 years, we’ve developed unique expertise in applying the Uniform System of Accounts (UsoA) for electric, gas, water, and wastewater in a manner that makes utility financial data meet or exceed regulatory reporting requirements for FERC, RUS, and NARUC.

The result of this experience is our latest solution, HPC Utility Financials Accelerator (UFA), which provides a best-in-class accounting and financial model for utilities on SAP. It also enables you to increase employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and your overall business intelligence. In fact, HPC UFA allows you to have it all: great accounting data and great work management functionality.

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