Real World Results of Utility Financials Accelerator

HPC America’s Utility Financials Accelerator delivers positive, substantive results for management, finance, and operations departments at utility companies running SAP.

  • “Regional Utilities” wanted to prepare for its 2016 rate case by moving regulatory accounting into SAP, and implementing a new fixed overhead design for greater labor cost transparency and efficiency. Read the complete “RU” case study.
  • Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) wanted streamlined FERC reporting and automated banner-video-320x200assignment of costs to FERC accounts; a more accurate way to calculate actual labor charges; and a consolidated process for managing Fleet costs and equipment charges. HPC optimized RPU’s “classic” SAP FERC configuration to achieve all of these goals and more. Read the complete RPU case study.
  • Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI) wanted to enhance its processes of categorizing and reporting accounting data, and selected HPC Utility Financials Accelerator to deliver greater automation and less reliance on external Excel files outside of SAP. Just nine months after project kickoff, PHI and HPC achieved all of the initial objectives. Read the complete PHI case study to learn more about the innovations HPC brought to PHI.
  • Trans Bay Cable (TBC) chose HPC America to lead its SAP implementation and provide ongoing AMS due to the company’s unrivaled knowledge of the IS-U/FERC module. HPC not only completed TBC’s fundamental SAP installation in just three months, but also managed a uniquely comprehensive conversion that included six years’ worth of master records and individual transactions to SAP. Read the complete TBC case study.
  • Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) owned SAP’s IS-U/FERC module, but like many resource-constrained utilities, did not have the internal knowledge to implement it fully. Faced with increasingly stringent reporting requirements from the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), NTUA looked to HPC America and its UFA solution to deliver the financial data required to satisfy regulators and enhance its daily operations. HPC completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget, and NTUA can now submit accurate RUS reports on time—and pull detailed P&L data on-demand. Read the complete NTUA case study.
  • Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) had not installed the IS-U/FERC module during its original go-live. As part of its upgrade to SAP ERP 2005, the company decided to implement the FERC module, but subsequently realized that it would not facilitate RUS reporting. AEPCO engaged HPC to implement Utility Financials Accelerator, which HPC configured to account for each of AEPCO’s power stations in a manner compliant with RUS Form 12 for generation utilities. As a result, executive management also now has clear monthly earnings reports that show net income in terms of functional activities such as generation, transmission, administrative and general, maintenance, and capital. Read the complete AEPCO case study.

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